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Discover a Peach Paradise (水蜜桃天境) atop Mt Lishan (梨山)

Aug 17,2023 | Isle Provisions

At an awe-inspiring altitude of over 2000 meters, nestled atop the majestic Mt Lishan, lies the Peach Orchard - the very home of our extraordinary Alpine Peaches. 

It’s a long way to get there, but oh the rewards! It's a mesmerising 4 hours of driving through 163 km of mountainous tarmac from Taichung in the early hours of the morning to reach the Peach Orchard.

The highlight along the mountainous drive, is Taiwan’s highest accessible point by motor vehicles  Wu Ling (武嶺) at 3275m above sea level, with its panoramic vista of the Central Mountain Range.

This expedition unveils a secluded wonderland, where high-value agricultural produce such as mountain cabbage ( 高麗菜 ), mountain apples ( 密蘋果), persimmons and of course peaches flourish abundantly. 

Check out the video to see how Hui Hui the peach farmer tackles the the rugged steep mountain slopes with his Mountain Tu-Tu! These work horses ferry everything - from farm tools, fertilisers, materials, the meticulously packaged fruits, to and from the main road to the Orchard. 

Meet the Orchard's maestro -Hui Hui’s mum - the resident Peach Mama. She is the Authority on what is a delicious peach and with a quick sweep of her discerning eye and a “ 打 B “, she relegates imperfect peaches to the Wholesale markets.

Learn from her how to select a tasty peach.

Her job will probably be safe from AI…if you can’t codify something, it cannot be disrupted by AI!  😂😂 !! But….in seriousness, we are silently relieved to witness her passing on her skills to her protégé daughter-in-law, so we have delicious peaches to enjoy for many years to come.


And this is how the Alpine Mountain Peaches travel from Mt Lishan Peach Orchard to you in Singapore!

Fortune smiled upon us on our second venture to Mt Lishan. Visualise the damage wreaked by Typhoon Khanun the  previous week during our first attempt. Thank goodness, Typhoon Khanun only licked the northern part of Taiwan ( Lishan is in the Central part of the island, further South). Imagine if it had made landfall here!!