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Dachun Smelting Soap

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When one thinks of Taipei Dihua Street,Chinese medicine, tea and dried goods stuffed into old warehouses come to mind .

Surprisingly, nestled in refurbished shophouse in a busy Dihua Street is a 70 year old traditional soap house.

"Dachun Smelting Soap"

Last time we went to Taipei, we spoke to it’s 3rd generation business founder to understand more about their soaps, from the manufacturing process to the wonderful treatment they give your skin.
Dachun’s Classic Soap series is imbued with the characteristics of local rice, tea and Chinese medicine, the mainstay of Taiwanese agriculture.
The soap is then compacted by a compressor to pack it more densely so that it becomes more resistant to washing than ordinary handmade soap, so it lasts much longer than other ordinary soap.

Dachun’s soap is also a product we have always liked to use. From the lovely packaging details of each soap, to its Instagram worthy soap wall - plastered with 100s of the multi- coloured square soap tablets -in the soap , one can feel their earnestness in making sure you feel pampered when a lathering one of their.