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From our port to your plate - our fish are wild caught and farmed in Hengchun, Pingtung County in South Taiwan. The farmed fishery is located in the outer sea of Hengchun, in pure natural waters, with almost no industrial pollution.
Positioned at the intersection of the three major ocean currents, the fish are cultivated in high salinity waters with naturally high nutritional content. 

Our farmed fish include Cobia (rachycentron canadum) 海鱺, Pompano (trachinotus ovatus) 海金鯧, Giant Grouper (epinephelus lanceolatus) 龍虎斑, East Asian Fourfinger Threadfin (eleutheronema rhadinum) 午仔鱼 & Golden Perch (macquaria ambigua) 黄金鱼盧. Our wild catch vary with the seasons but include rosy seabass, coral perch, one-lined snapper.

We have sashimi grade cobia, golden pomfret & dragon grouper - our sashimi grade fish are farmed at sea in large sea cages measuring up to 15m in diameter, where the natural current of water prevents bacterial growth in the fish and thus it is safe to eat the fishes raw.  

Our to-cook fishes are harvested and sent immediately in temperature controlled vehicles to our HACCP graded factory, where they are degutted, cleaned, individually vacuum packed and preserved using IQF technology. IQF technology freezes the fish rapidly at -70 deg celsius, such that large ice crystals do not form. This maintains the cell membranes and this is why the taste & texture of our IQF fish are as good as fresh/ live fish, if not better! 

For best results, store at -18 deg c and defrost in the refrigerator 12-24 hours before cooking. If you have no time, defrosting in room temperature water is the next best alternative. Enjoy our fishes that are fresh, convenient, and in family-sized portions steamed in Do You Bo Classic soy sauce or with diced young 'cai po'!