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Zhounan Salt Fields, Budai

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 There is a saying in Budai, Taiwan that making sea salt is like re-creating the DNA of Taiwan. The process combines sunshine, wind, water and soil of Budai to make tiny crystals of natural goodness.

Journalists turned salt farmers, Mr & Mrs Cai applied their investigative skills to revive the traditional salt making methods from Budai - around since 1848 - and modern scientific management methods to make today’s Zhounan salt.

Typical table salt is chemically made and is chemically pure (sodium), giving it a one dimensional salty taste. Zhounan’s sea salt on the other hand, contains other naturally occurring elements like magnesium (tastes sweet) that adds complexity to the taste.

Adding Zhounan salt to your pantry gives you more options to enhance the taste of your dishes. Try adding the fleur de sel to home baked madeleines or the crystalline frost salt to oven baked shitake mushrooms!