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20-minute Amber Braised Pork Recipe 20分鐘做好琥珀香滷肉飯

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* (Kitchen Hack - get the butcher to slice the pork belly into strips for you! We have our favourite butcher at Tiong Bahru market to recommend. Message us!)
* Boil pork for 5minutes. Drain and rinse.
* Over medium heat , sautéed garlic and onion until soft. Add pork strips, pepper , spice powder and stir occasionally for 5 minutes.
* Meanwhile in a mixing bowl, add the aged soy sauce and brown sugar to taste to make braising liquid.
* When 5minutes is up, throw in the braising liquid and cook on high heat for 10minutes.
* Switch to low heat and simmer for 2hours or until folks are 😋, whichever is earlier.
* Eat with plenty of rice.

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can adjust the taste of the braising liquid to your liking as you simmer the meat. We did ours with ratio of soy sauce to sugar of 3:1.

The two stars of this recipe - soy sauce and brown sugar - are very flavourful. A little goes a long way!


*滾水煮5分鐘。 將水瀝乾沖洗。










Amber Braised Pork