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Taiwanese Paella 台式烤鮮蝦燉飯

Posted by Isle Provisions on

We've called this a Taiwanese paella, because all the condiments that go into this flavour bomb prawn baked rice are aged, fermented in Taiwan. We used shio koji to marinade the prawns and added fermented black beans to the soup stock to give it more oomph. Simply adding these condiments that are a product of time, patience and natural fermentation process, creates flavourful dishes with minimum sauces. Let time do the cooking!  


Ingredients 材料:Multigrain rice, Prawn, Asparagus diced, Green Capsicum  diced, Onion, Stock, Shio Koji, Fermented black beans


Method 步驟:

#1 Preheat oven to 220oC. 

#2 Marinade prawns in shio koji with ground white and black pepper for at least thirty minutes. 

#3 Heat the oil in pan over medium heat and then add onion, capsicum, asparagus and cook until softened.

#4 Add rice and stir to coat. Add stock - we added some fermented black bean to our stock just to give it more depth and flavour. 

#5 Bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to low. Cook 15 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.

#6 Spoon into a baking dish. Top with prawns and roast 10-15 minutes until prawns are just cooked and top of rice is starting to crisp slightly. Or, char the prawns a little by turning the oven heat to its max and bake for an extra few minutes.