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- 2 tbsp Omega 3 rich Flaxseed Oil

- 2 tbsp piquant Honey Vinegar 

- 1 tsp Mala Pepper Oil

- 1 tbsp Organic Black Bean Oil Sauce

- pinch of Frost Salt

- 1 tsp whole grain mustard

- handful of coarsely crushed Mushroom Chips, in place of croutons! 

- 3 pieces Candied Citron Slices, cut into small squares

Place all ingredients (except Mushroom Chips & citron slices) in a jar and shake it till it emulsifies. 

Drizzle over mix salad leaves and finish off with crushed mushroom chips, candied citron slices & a handful of your favourite nuts and/ or dried fruit! 

*Tip: Use a larger jar and make extra portions of this dressing, it will last you a week!