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Wendy's Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil 冷壓亞麻仁油

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Product Description

Always cold pressed only in small amounts to ensure quality, this series of flaxseed oil has a nutty fragrance and tastes almost sweet. Bursting with Omega-3, this is the vegetarian version of fish oils. We use this as a substitute for olive oil when we make crayfish and rocket salads. Drink in the morning, on an empty stomach for the best aborption of this healthy oil.

細粒籽冷壓亞麻仁油少量生產,在地鮮榨,新鮮風味及堅果清香令人驚艷 ; 含豐富的Omega-3脂肪酸,有素食魚油的稱號,日常直接食用或著搭配成沙拉醬都很適合。


black sesame



細粒籽 Fine Seeds Oil

Just like the seeds that give birth to life, Fine Seed Oil products bring to life the food that appears on our dinner tables. The seeds are cold-pressed patiently to ensure you get to enjoy the nutrients and health benefits of these seeds.