[Pre-order ] Airflown Longan Mango 烏香芒果
[Pre-order ] Airflown Longan Mango 烏香芒果
[Pre-order ] Airflown Longan Mango 烏香芒果
[Pre-order ] Airflown Longan Mango 烏香芒果
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July Special Airflown Longan Mango 烏香芒果

The Longan Mango ( 烏香芒果) possesses a subtle longan fruit fragrance, making it stand out among other Taiwanese mango varieties. I nicknamed this the "evergreen" mango because the skin remains green even when the fruit is ripe! The mango flesh is delightfully sweet, with a curd-like texture and with very little fibres!!
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Fun fact : Originally hailing from Indonesia, this particular subspecies of mango was introduced to Taiwan during the 1910s, a period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Through the hardwork and magic of Taiwanese farmers, this mango variety, known as "烏香芒果" (Longan Mango), has flourished over the decades and become one of the prominent mango cultivars among Taiwan's annual harvest, which includes over 10 different varieties of mango such as the much beloved Aiwen Mangoes.
Each box weighs about 2.5kg, +/- 10%. Each box contains 6 pieces.
Tainan, Taiwan
Delivery Information
Pre-order now, estimated delivery around 6 July, between 2-6pm. As we try to pick the fruit in its optimum state, this date is subject to change. We will keep you notified in case of changes. No refunds are allowed after the order has been confirmed. 
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Enjoying the mangoes
  • Store in a cool dry place and enjoy over 3-5 days.
  • If black dots start to appear ( natural phenomenon) on the surface of the fruit, it means that fruit is ripe for eating. Eat that first, or refrigerate immediately.