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Shangi Perilla Plum Juice 濃縮紫蘇梅原汁

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Product Description

Shangi's juice is made naturally from plums, not concentrate. The plums are marinated in perilla leaves, which gives this drink a cooling effect, perfect for the summery afternoons. Add water to dilute to taste, or add to salad as a vinaigrette. Or even a cocktail! 


  • 產品介紹
  • 祥記的紫蘇梅原汁含有梅子精華的汁液,在天氣炎熱的時候來上一杯冰涼的梅子汁來消暑最適合不過了,紫蘇梅汁可以對水1:5調製飲料還可以製作甜點果凍,調製沙拉醬汁,製作滷味及涼拌菜都非常適合.也可以拿來調製雞尾酒等。
  • 容量150ml