5012 Madou Full Moon Pomelos  - 5012  麻豆霜降大白柚
5012 Madou Full Moon Pomelos  - 5012  麻豆霜降大白柚
5012 Madou Full Moon Pomelos  - 5012  麻豆霜降大白柚
5012 Madou Full Moon Pomelos  - 5012  麻豆霜降大白柚
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[October Special] 5012 Madou Full Moon Pomelos - 5012 麻豆霜降大白柚

Fruit pulp that is bursting with juice and Q-chewy texture. Each fruit weighs ~1kg! Fully satisfying. 大白柚的口感Q彈多汁,和細緻的文旦非常不同,吃起來很有滿足感.
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This Full Moon Pomelos is bright yellow, full & round , each weighing ~1kg. The third in our pomelo medley this year, this pomelo has is own unique flavour and is full of juice. We are looking forward to bringing in our favourite pomelo farmer friend 5012’s Full Moon Pomelos, because we really appreciate the hard work that they put into growing them without nasties like chemical weedkillers ( which ultimately end up in your fruit). 

Available only this time of the year as the weather starts to cool and transition to Winter - " descent of frost" or as is known in Mandarin, “霜降” 。Get it while its available!   

有一些水果我們常常可以吃得到,但是有些水果一年只能吃到一次。 和我們連續多年合作的麻豆小農 5012柚意思今年第二次將麻豆霜降大白柚送到新加坡。 







Each box weighs about 6 kg, each box contains 3-7 pieces depending.

This is a pre-order item. If you have ordered this together with any other items, the entire order is estimated to be delivered to you around Mid- November. There could be changes to the delivery date due to weather fluctuations etc. We'll keep you updated as always.