Airflown Golden Mango 金煌芒果
Airflown Golden Mango 金煌芒果
Airflown Golden Mango 金煌芒果
Airflown Golden Mango 金煌芒果
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[July Special] Airflown Golden Phoenix Mango 金煌芒果

Unique species that was first developed by a Taiwanese farmer Mr Huang in 1972 ; known for its large fruit and small seed.
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Product Description

The Tainan Golden Mango is so called, because of its yellowy colour that makes each mango look like golden nuggets.  We work with Ourtable (知果堂) to source for this mango because:

  1. this species is well known for its large size ( varying between 600g-2kg)
  2. we think you like mangoes with small seeds and more flesh
  3. the flesh is firm, Q and not fibrousy
  4. unlike most other competitors in the market, the farmer lets the mangoes turn ripe on the tree before plucking them ( no ethylene gas added, very challenging!) 


Each box weighs about 3kg, each box contains 2-4 pieces.

This is a pre-order item. If you have ordered this together with any other items, the entire order is estimated to be delivered to you on 22 July, Friday 3-6pm. There could be changes to the delivery date due to weather fluctuations etc.