Golden Perch fillet 黃金鱸
Golden Perch fillet 黃金鱸
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Asian Seabass fillet 海鱸魚菲力

Experience the mouth-watering taste of freshly caught Seabass. Our Seabass is carefully processed and flash-frozen immediately after being caught, preserving its succulent flavour and texture. Enjoy the versatility of this amazing fish, which can be cooked to perfection in a variety of ways. Try it now and savour the taste of the sea in every bite!
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Product Description

Seabass is popular for its nutrition and mild flavour. The mild flavour of the fish allows it to be cooked in many different ways, oil blanched and then steamed, deep fried etc.  This Asian Seabass is processed at site, flash frozen at -50degree and then vacuum sealed for maximum freshness.  


All year round


Farmed, Chiayi, Taiwan


~300g, fillet

Serving Suggestions

Steam, pan-fry, soup