Dragon Grouper (Whole Fish) 龍虎斑(全鱼)
Dragon Grouper (Whole Fish) 龍虎斑(全鱼)

Dragon Grouper (Whole Fish) 龍虎斑(全鱼)

Cleaned, degutted whole Dragon Grouper with thick flesh and luscious collagen rich fish skin
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Product Description

Dragon Grouper is a hybrid fish bred from Giant Grouper ( 龍膽石斑) and Tiger Grouper (老虎斑). The resultant Dragon Grouper inherits the tender meat quality from the Tiger Grouper,while retaining the sturdiness of the Giant Grouper. Did you know that groupers are aggressive predators, with a head that's at least 1/3 of the body and a thick lip?!

Taiwan's experience with farming Dragon Grouper since the 1970s renders high quality fish exports from its fish farms. Grouper's low fat flesh with collagenous skin are well known attributes that make this a luxurious fish to be had at banquets and now at home!! Lesser known are the fact that its meat is full of Omega-3, has three times the calcium available in salmon.


All year round


Farmed, Pingtung, Taiwan


~500g, Whole fish, cleaned and degutted. 

Serving Suggestions

Steam, cook with porridge