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Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns 藥膳紹興醉蝦
Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns 藥膳紹興醉蝦
Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns 藥膳紹興醉蝦
Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns 藥膳紹興醉蝦
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Frozen Live Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns 藥膳紹興醉蝦

Experience restaurant-quality Drunken Shaoxing Fresh Prawns at home with ease. Simply tear open the packaging, heat them up, and voila! These prawns are sourced from an all-natural farm where they are raised on a diet of probiotics, free from any added chemicals. You'll savour the firm, meaty, and incredibly flavorful flesh with every bite.
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Product Description

The highlight for me at Chinese wedding banquets in Singapore is often the prawn dish. This timeless restaurant offering beautifully combines Chinese herbal and prawn flavors, harmonised by the infusion of Shaoxing wine. Now, you can savour this restaurant-quality delicacy in the comfort of your own home!

How to enjoy

Tear open the packet, and empty the contents into a bowl. Steam for 5-10minutes.   


All year


Chiayi, Taiwan


400g, 18-21 Prawns in each packet. Each prawn is about 13cm tall. 

About the Farmer

Mr. Ke, a second-generation prawn farmer and former engineer, has meticulously fine-tuned the management of his land-based prawn farm. He cultivates prawns alongside mullet and milkfish, creating a natural ecosystem that offers the prawns ample exercise, nutrients (complemented by Mr. Ke's use of probiotics in their feed), and oxygen ( through mechanical aerators). In this favourable environment, there is no necessity to administer antibiotics to maintain the prawns' health and prevent diseases. So you get healthy tasty prawns, without the nasties!