Full Moon Live Shrimpcake 月亮虾饼
Full Moon Live Shrimpcake 月亮虾饼
Full Moon Live Shrimpcake 月亮虾饼
Full Moon Live Shrimpcake 月亮虾饼
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Handmade Full Moon Live Prawn Pancake 月亮虾饼

A unique Thai-Taiwanese cultural delight. Made with fresh probiotic fed prawns raised in an all natural farm without added chemicals.
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Product Description

A trip to any Thai restaurant in Taiwan wouldn't be truly fulfilling without indulging in the renowned Full Moon Live Shrimp Pancake, named after its distinctive circular shape. If you're a fan of the prawns, you're in for a treat with this pancake, generously adorned with chunks of shrimp.

Interestingly enough, here's the twist: this dish doesn't actually exist in Thailand! It remains a delightful culinary enigma, with the team at Verse (Mandarin only) still pondering its mysterious origins. But that's what makes the world of food culture so captivating—its ability to surprise and intrigue us with unexpected creations and regional adaptations.


Fresh prawns, grapeseed oil, tapioca starch, salt, sugar, ginger, white pepper, springroll skin. 

How to enjoy

After thawing, 

Air fryer : Spray oil on one side of the pancake. Fry at 200deg celcius for 10 mins. Flip over and repeat. 

Pan-fry: Pan-fry over small flame until golden brown. Flip and repeat. 

Deep-fry: Fry over medium flame of 150-160deg celcius. 


All year


Chiayi, Taiwan


3 pieces in each bag, 200g. 

About the Farmer

Mr. Ke, a second-generation prawn farmer and former engineer, has meticulously fine-tuned the management of his land-based prawn farm. He cultivates prawns alongside mullet and milkfish, creating a natural ecosystem that offers the prawns ample exercise, nutrients (complemented by Mr. Ke's use of probiotics in their feed), and oxygen ( through mechanical aerators). In this favourable environment, there is no necessity to administer antibiotics to maintain the prawns' health and prevent diseases. So you get healthy tasty prawns, without the nasties!