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Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬
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Ghost Pepper Maqaw Hot Sauce 鬼椒馬告辣醬

Looking for a fiery kick? Our fermented Ghost Pepper sauce, combined with indigenous Maqaw Berries and local grapefruit, packs a refreshing citrus-spicy punch. Perfect for adding some excitement to bland food. Try it out now!
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Product Description

Looking for an explosion of spicy flavours? Empress Sauce has you covered! They've sourced the most fragrant Ghost Pepper in Taiwan and fermented them for 1 month to bring out their natural taste. Our sauce is made with indigenous Mountain Pepper (Maqaw) and local Grapefruit, resulting in a bright and fiery taste that can take any dish to the next level. Get ready to feel the heat with Empress Sauce!


Sweet Potato, Distilled White Vinegar, Filtered Water, Onion, Empress' Select Aged Peppers (Ghost Pepper, Salt), Grapefruit Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, Empress' Select Aged Peppers (Taiwan Hot Chili Peppers, Salt), Garlic, Salt, Lime juice, Maqaw Pepper, Xanthan Gum.



Empress Sauce

"Inspired by Taiwan flavors, Crafted for Meals Everywhere".  The hot sauces from Empress Sauce doesn't overpower the flavours of the dishes that you cook. Rather it complements and elevates them. Combining the best of local Taiwanese flavours through the Western hot sauce making methods, Empress Sauces bring much heat, and colour to your pantry and dining conversations.  


(大大辣)挑戰款 鬼椒馬告辣醬

別名馬告的山胡椒,號稱是「山林裡的黑珍珠」搭配發酵一個月的「鬼椒」,再結合葡萄柚的清香以及地瓜香醇的質地,完全創造出令人驚豔的完美滋味,且具有漸層感的辣度新境界! 全程小批製作,使用自然發酵風味均衡,無添加防腐劑,無油低脂低熱量。 適合搭配各種海鮮炒麵小菜,讓大辣辣的你吃的夠過癮 推薦搭配:海鮮、小菜,蛋料理、麵類、香菇料理,讓大辣辣的你吃的夠過癮。


地瓜、白醋、過濾水、洋蔥、鬼椒釀(鬼椒、鹽)、葡萄柚汁、有機龍舌蘭糖漿、太后私房辣椒釀( 台灣朝天椒、鹽)、大蒜、鹽、檸檬汁、馬告、玉米糖膠


148 ml 


辣太后著重以純天然、健康、美味的角度出發,結合台灣得天獨厚盛產水果的優勢與多樣化的辣椒種類,每一款辣醬都是我們精心挑選當季食材並經過不斷的測試及調配。  結合東方食材跟西方手藝, 辣太后創意辣醬起源於自家廚房和傳統市場裡的台灣在地食材,使用美式發酵辣醬的創意技法,跳脫傳統中式辣醬的油爆技法。