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Ginger Sesame Oil Sauce 麻油薑

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Product Description

The farm produce of Qingliang Farm thrives in a pollution and pesticide -free, verdant area of Xidong River that is 460m above sea level. The old ginger is hand picked, diced before roasting them in hot sesame oil. The resulting paste is blended with nutritious camelia oil according to their own age old unqiue recipe, to give this bottle of sauce its delicious homey taste. This is exactly how Ginger Sesame Oil should taste like. Drizzle over steamed fish, use as a dip for poached pork belly shabushabu or toss with green lettuce leafs.  

Suitable for vegetarians


Ginger, Canola Oil, Camelia Oil, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, Salt, Sugar 



Qingliang Ecological Farm

The farmis located in Shangde Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County, at about 460 meters above sea level. Due to its location, the farm's verdant greenery and water source are not affected by pollution and is very suitable for the development of organic agriculture. The farm owner feels that there is too much pollution in modern times, which finds its way to the food that people consume. Therefore, the farm is committed to the development of organic agriculture that seeks to co-exist with nature,  without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farm's main crops include organic fruits and vegetables, plum, and camelia seeds. 


清亮麻油薑作工繁複,從選薑、洗薑、粉碎、壓汁、拌油加熱炒熟、增添獨家配方,完熟到裝瓶,麻油塔配上生薑及特定比例的苦茶油,所呈現出來的獨特口感,將震撼你的味蕾。 獨創將自然農法竹薑混入麻油製成麻油薑,不僅能讓菜色多了豐富的口感,適合全家人食用,或在寒冷的季節入菜。