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A Pair of Grilled Taiwan Wild Bottarga (Karasumi) 豪邁炙燒台灣烏魚子兩片

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Grilled Taiwan Wild Bottarga (Karasumi) 
We’ve found a Wild Mullet Bottarga crafts lady this year who has been making these delicacies for the past 40 years.
From selecting the freshly caught mullet from the rest of the haul, to curing the mullet with salt and then pressing it under weight, this Kaohsiung lady has honed her craft to a T.
It’s a challenge to grilled this perfectly at home, so this year’s mullet roe comes pre-grilled.
Slice thinly and enjoy with sliced radish,green apple, or grate it over pasta, fried rice.
Or enjoy like the Japanese do with their karasumi - enjoy with 🍻.
One for 60g ±5g/ 
$28.8 for 2pc
食嶼商行今年找到一家製作烏魚子已有四十年的經驗的在地烏魚子商家, 鄰近高雄市中芸漁港, 冬至前後,家家戶戶皆會在自家曬起烏魚子,這位生產者也從小就跟著母親製作, 如今不僅一眼就能分辨魚子的新鮮與否, 鹽漬壓重等多門學問也都有她獨到的心得。