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Jasmine Oolong Tea(30bags) 茉莉花烏龍

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Product Description

Smelling as alluring as it looks, the jasmine flower is very popular as a scent. Combining the floral jasmine with the light taste of oolong from Taiwan, this tea is seductive and yet calming. The jamine petals are tossed and turned in the oolong tea and fermented together until the fragrance is fully absorbed by the tea. The petals are then removed by hand in a labourious process so that the tea does not taste bitter when brewed. How to tell a naturally fermented flower tea apart from ones with artificial essence added? The floral fragrance persists even after the 2nd or 3rd brew. The fragrance of those tea with added artificial essence does not last beyond the first brew.


Oolong tea leaves


3g X 30 

Mountain Luck

Taiwan is blessed with beautiful nature that was born of the mountains and the forests. Nature, like humans, has its way of showing its individuality - through the seasons, the produce, the terroir. Mountain Luck, through their curated selection of 100% pure tea leaves, aspires to bring a tea that appeals to everyone's inner individual so that they can truly appreciate the wonders of nature. 



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