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Organic Herbal Soup Pack (Shi Quan) 有機十全燉湯包

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Product Description
Finally! A delicious chinese herb soup pack, that does not taste overly medicinal, and its organic so every one in the family can enjoy it ! This "Wholesome Ten" soup pack contains twelve kinds of organic herbs. Even enjoyable by family members who skew away from bitter chinese herb taste, this boiled soup has a natural aroma and sweetness and can be used as a soup base for healthy hot pot. Nourishment for the "blood" and "Qi" as they say, in Chinese TCM food.

Simply simmer with chicken, ribs or vegetables, etc. It is delicious. It can also be served with noodles, and you can eat it warmly, which is very satisfying.
Special reminder:
This organic soup pack contains cinnamon and may not be suitable for pregnant women. If you have any questions, please ask your doctor for advice. 

How to use:
1. If it is paired with chicken and ribs, first blanch the meat with boiling water to remove impurities. For vegetable food, add tofu, mushrooms and cook together, and put the vegetables in at the end.
2. Add clean water (1000c.c-1500c.c) to the pot, wait for the water to boil, add the organic four-thing stew bag, and add other ingredients at the same time.
3. After simmering on medium heat for 20 minutes, take out the soup pack and continue cooking the other ingredients (if you like the rich taste, you can leave the soup pack inside and boil on low heat for 10-20 minutes).

Consider adding salt or other seasonings before starting the pot, and add a little rice wine.


Organic herbs (huang qiwolfberryred datestangshencooked rehmanniawhite peonyporiabaizhuangelicachuanxionglicoricecinnamon)

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  1. 如果是搭配雞肉、排骨,先把肉類用滾水汆燙過去除雜質。
  2. 若是蔬食,可將豆腐、菇類與燉包放入一起煮,蔬菜最後放入。
  3. 鍋中加入清水(1000c.c-1500c.c),待水滾後放入有機十全燉包,同時加入其他食材。想吃到紅棗,也可以另外放進去一起煮。
  4. 中火滾熱20分鐘後,可拿出燉包,其他食材續煮(若喜歡濃郁口味,可以讓燉包留在裡面,以小火滾20─30分鐘)。
  5. 起鍋前斟酌以食鹽或其他調味,另可添加少許米酒。