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【Pre-Order】Taiwan Champion Dragonfruit 2021 Box of 6kg, 2021 冠軍紅火龍果王一箱6kg

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Fruits will arrive around mid of December

This December, we are bringing you an award winning dragon fruit from Taiwan! Pingtung is one of Taiwan's most important agricultural area for producing dragon fruits, accounting for 15% of Taiwan's annual output. No surprise then this year's Dragonfruit King - Mr Hong Zhaoru - 洪兆濡先生hails from here! His red dragonfruit has a solid bite with slight floral fragrance. Very different from the ones we get in Singapore that are has a slightly earthy taste.

Have you heard of OBOF? One branch one fruit - by allowing only 1 fruit per branch ( ie all the nutrients go to that 1 fruit) - thats how the Japanese create award winning fruits that are sought after around the world. In similar fashion, Mr Hong sacrifices yield for our joy -  we get to enjoy fruits that are sweeter and more concentrated in flavours. 

He is the Champion on 2021! The competition judged each farmer's fruits against 5 criteria : weight, sweetness, flavour, texture and appearance. I wish i could be there to witness the actual competition! Since we cant travel, we can only request our friends from Ourtable to help replicate the experience for you. Each selected fruit would be handpicked, the scales trimmed before they make their way on the plane to Singapore! 

Eat at peace. Sometimes in life, there are no shortcuts. Mr Hong doesnt take them - his fruits are tested annually for 380 pesticides/chemicals and they past the tests with no chemical residues found in them. Mr Hong farms his land in a sustainable manner, in fact Ourtable has been working with Mr Hong since 2013!

Quality or Quantity? You decide! There is no way that Mr Hong's fruits are able to compete on price with what we get in our markets typically. But its certainly worth a try! Oh..did we say, each fruit weighs between 650g-700g?




2015 全台灣火龍果評鑑,第一名。
2021 屏東火龍果評鑑,第一名。



以2021剛剛榮獲『果王』稱號的 台灣屏東果農 洪兆濡先生,他所種植的火龍果紅肉品種,有扎實的口感跟淡淡花香,這與市面上量產的鬆弛口感跟草腥味火龍果有很大的差異。





洪先生的火龍果由他可以信任的 台灣水果選品平台 知果堂 代為經銷,因為產量稀少市面上沒有流通,推薦給新加坡的民眾,邀請大家一起體驗台灣精緻果物之美。