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【Pre order】 Airflown Taiwan Yuhebao Lychee 2022 知果堂 空運大樹玉荷包荔枝預購

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Product Description

Taiwan's Yuhebao, hails from Kaoshiung and is famous for its think fruit skin, juicy flesh and small seed. Its harvest is ridiculously short - 10 days only – and supply unstabe because it’s a challenging fruit to grow. We work with Ourtable to select this seaon’s Yuhebao for you:

#1 The lychees are selected, minus the twigs and leaves - only the fruits make it to your home. Eat with ease, the twigs and leaves return back to the soil in Kaoshiung as they should! 

#2 The lychees are picked by size and colours. Only those sized larger than $1 dollar coin and red-green lychees get past.

#3 We think that red-green Yuhebaos taste the best because they are not cloyingly sweet like the red and riper Yuhebaos.    

#4 Its a race against time to get the Yuhebaos across to you. They are harvested in the morning, packed and then air flown to Singapore on the same day. Water mist is sprayed to keep them moist for the transit. It is inevitable and expected that black spots on the Yuhebao could develop in transit. 

We suggest keeping the Yuhebaos refrigerated and moist upon receipt. Keep maximum up to 4-5 days.

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3kg per box

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3kg/ 盒

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5/17 後恢復原價$96.00




收到玉荷包荔枝後,建議使用保鮮盒冷藏約可保存 4-5 日。