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Squid ball 花枝丸
Squid ball 花枝丸
Squid ball 花枝丸
Squid ball 花枝丸
Squid ball 花枝丸
Squid ball 花枝丸
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Squid ball 花枝丸

Say goodbye to mass-produced, artificially-flavoured squid balls! Our squid balls are made with real, fresh squid meat and contain no additives or taste enhancers. The squid balls are flash frozen to maintain maximum freshness and vacuum-packed for hygiene, ensuring that there's no fishy smell. Savour the ocean with every bite.
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Product Description

Delicious air fried, in soups or in stir fries. Full of real chunky squid pieces, no fillers. 


Cuttlefish, swordfish, sugar, salt, oil