Steaming Fresh Fish Bundle
Steaming Fresh Fish Bundle

Steaming Fresh Fish Bundle

Easy-cooking fresh fish for the busy person. Steam with your favourite sauces and be ready to eat in less than 15minutes.
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All of our fishes are cleaned, degutted and flash-frozen at site the moment they are fished. Thereafter, they are individually vacuum packed before they are air flown to Singapore where they are stored at our warehouse before delivery to you. The benefit of this is that the fish you eat is literally "from farm to table", that did not go through many other pair of hands.

This means that by the time you receive them, they taste as fresh as if you are eating them right at the fish farm or by the sea.  

This bundle contains

1 x Dragon Grouper (Whole Fish)

1 x Dragon Grouper (Fillet)

1 x Golden Pomfret (Whole Fish)