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TAIWAN Specialty Dongshan Coffee (5pcs) 台灣台南東山精品咖啡

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TAIWAN Specialty Dongshan Coffee - Medium Dark Roast 

Rich chocolate-y lingering aftertaste

"Oh" Coffee means "Black" Coffee in Taiwanese Minnan language. A perfect cup of black coffee can only be brewed from the best coffee beans! Taiwanese Specialty Coffee is not to be belittled. We have scoured Taiwan in search of uniquely local coffee, purchasing directly from the local farmers, and requesting these farmers to obtain certification for their coffee. Taiwanese coffee maintains its high standards by not mixing in imported beans, employing organic farming methods, and using manual harvesting based on different grades, to produce coffee beans that the world is smitten with. The coffee tastes sweet and mellow, is not astringent, bitter or acidic, and is thus a truly authentic "Taiwanese coffee". 


Description of taste: Rich fruity scent, Well-balanced tangerine and berries flavours, bright and sweet with floral scent, rich layers, long trailing rich chocolate-y taste 

36 coffee aromas: Maple syrup, Dark chocolate, Blackcurrants, Walnuts, Vanilla