[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
[Pre-order] Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包
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May Special Yuhebao Lychees 玉荷包

Don't miss out on the irresistible Yuhebao lychees!! This fruit, unique to Taiwan, is available only once a year and is well loved for its sweet and tangy flavours and a small seed. Legend has it that Lady Yang was so enamoured with this fruit that the Tang Dynasty Emperor sacrificed many steeds to transport the lychees from Southern China to the then Tang capital in Shanxi!
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Product Description

Our Yuhebao lychees are carefully hand-picked when they reach greenish-red hue, which is the optimal time to savour their unique flavours. Be assured that the fruits are of the highest export quality with pesticide levels that comply with both Japanese and Taiwanese government standards. You can enjoy this delightful fruit with peace of mind, knowing that every bite is delicious and safe.   


~3kg +/- 10%. Approx 100 pieces.


Dashu, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

Delivery Information

Pre-order now, estimated delivery around 14-15 June, between 2-6pm. As we try to pick the fruit in its optimum state, this date is subject to change. We will keep you notified in case of changes. No refunds are allowed after the order has been confirmed. 

If your order cart contains this pre-order and other items, the entire order would be delivered together in a single delivery.

The lychees come packed in a plastic bag to retain moisture and is further protected with an external Kraft box

Enjoying the lychees

  • Eat them asap!
  • If you prefer to savour them slowly, keep the lychees in the plastic bag, spray with water mist and keep chilled in the fridge together with the Kraft box.