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[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
[Pre-order] Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果
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June Special Airflown Aiwen Mango 爱文芒果

The Aiwen, also known as the Irwin mango, originates from Taiwan and has gained immense popularity worldwide, especially in Japan. It has captured the hearts of mango enthusiasts with its distinctively creamy sweetness that is simply irresistible!
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Product Description

From harvesting to transport, great care is taken to ensure that every single fruit meets the stringent export standards. We go above and beyond mere compliance with pesticide regulations. Each mango is expertly trimmed to remove the twigs, and then clothed in thick foam to preserve its pristine skin. 
Each box weighs about 2.5kg, +/- 10%. Each box contains 7-8 pieces.
Fangshan, Taiwan
Delivery Information
Pre-order now, estimated delivery around 15-16 June, between 2-6pm. As we try to pick the fruit in its optimum state, this date is subject to change. We will keep you notified in case of changes. No refunds are allowed after the order has been confirmed. 
If your order cart contains this pre-order and other items, the entire order would be delivered together in a single delivery when the pre-order items() are available. 
Enjoying the mangoes
  • Store in a cool dry place and enjoy over 3-5 days.
  • If black dots start to appear ( natural phenomenon) on the surface of the fruit, it means that fruit is ripe for eating. Eat that first, or refrigerate immediately.