[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
[Pre order ] Xishi Mango 西施芒果
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July Special Xishi Mango 西施芒果

This particular mango is named after Lady Xishi, one of the renowned beauties in China, owing to its stunning red-orange hues of the mango skin. Known for its abundant flesh and thin seed, this variety is sweeter, has less fibrously flesh than the widely favoured Aiwen mango.
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Fun fact : This mango's scentific name in mandarin is 北寮一號. This mango variety is another remarkable achievement of Tainan farmers, who dedicated over 7 years to its development. Through successful grafting of two other mango varieties, 貴妃芒果 (Guifei mango) and 土芒果 (Tu mango), they have created a mango with smooth, sweet, and less fibrous flesh, accompanied by a gentle fragrance. Just like Lady Xishi captivated many in her time, this mango variety enthralls with its unique qualities.
Similar to Lady Xishi's beauty regimen, this mango variety requires extra care. Each fruit necessitates individual wrapping in a protective plastic cover in order to ensure proper growth.
Each box weighs about 2.5kg, +/- 10%. Each box contains 4-5 pieces.
Tainan, Taiwan
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Enjoying the mangoes
  • Store in a cool dry place and enjoy over 3-5 days.
  • If black dots start to appear ( natural phenomenon) on the surface of the fruit, it means that fruit is ripe for eating. Eat that first, or refrigerate immediately.