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3 Generation Daikon Chicken Soup 三代蘿蔔土雞湯

Feb 21,2023 | Isle Provisions

Daikon is in season now ( usually in season December to March) , which means its the best time to have plump, juicy daikons!

Fresh & Aged Daikons
fresh daikon mixed daikon

I like daikon soup for its simplicity and taste. It forms a very simple soup base on which other flavours can be piled on. Here's a simple soup recipe that one can enjoy with our favourite cai po! We call it 3 generation cai po soup because it contains fresh white radish, 1-year old aged radish and 7-year old aged radish. Mix and match the quantities as you wish!



Daikon, cubed

1-year old aged radish (cai po)

7-year old aged radish (cai po) 

Free-range Chicken

Bonus ingredient  -  chicken testes , or chicken buddha (雞佛) as the Taiwanese calls them 🤣 !!  


Method ( we used a donabe pot for this)

  1. Boil daikon and the aged radish for about 30-45 minutes
  2. Add free-range chicken to boil for 30 minutes ( so the chicken doesnt over cook)
  3. Turn off the flame and add the chicken testes to the chicken soup. Close lid 
  4. Wait for 15 minutes and soup is done.

Thats it! 

chicken testes! 3 generation daikon soup