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Everything everywhere all at once Summer fruit basket

Jul 11,2023 | Isle Provisions

We’ve been working the past few months going around various food fairs in Taipei, like the Taiwan Food Expo sourcing for new products. So it was a refreshing treat to finally set off on a road trip to the fruit farms in Taichung with our favourite fruit partner Ourtable ( 知果堂). 

What a bountiful trip it was! We had fun trip talking to Mr Sun, an ex-army regular turned pear farmer of the delicious Fengshui pears (豐水梨) and then returned to Taipei with this haul of in-season Taiwanese fruits.

This is like the gathering of the Marvel Infinity Gems!! Fruits of various shades of colour, with intense aromas, sweet, crunchy & thirst quenching or fatty types. There were pink-hued jambus ( not so common in Summer compared to Winter. The pink hue is so alluring! ), dragonfruit ( link season coming soon!), grapes from Changhua ( they give Japanese Kyoho grapes a run for their money), figs, pears, plums, peaches ( coming your way in August), Xishi mangoes, Aiwen mangoes, avocados - all in one basket. 

Truly, a fruitful summer to remember 😂. In a crowded marketplace like Singapore where fruits from around the world are easily obtained, is there a place for quality fruits from Taiwan? You tell us!

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